About Us

London MADA has provided a thriving environment of music education for the past three decades. Having taught across the UK and now expanding in US, Asia and across Europe, we continue to nurture talent, install confidence and belief whilst delivering the highest level of performing arts.

Having partnered with the Royal School of Music, London MADA has maintained a prestigious 100% pass rate since incorporation. Our secret to success simply lies in our methods of delivery. By incorporating life skills into our curriculum, using key language of empowerment and motivation, and by installing belief and confidence allows our students to connect with themselves more deeply, whilst developing their talents and allowing them to explore and express themselves in a healthy, creative and rewarding manner.

Our multicultural ethos and diverse backgrounds have allowed us to create a unique and innovative academy that delivers an extensive range of performing arts. From tabla to guitar, ballet to yoga and from musical theatre to audio engineering, we have it all covered. With classes available online, in person, individual and group, with flexible payment options and competitive prices, we are truly the number one music and dance academy.

With such a well-rounded, multi-faceted approach to performing arts, supported with an extensive track record of success and achievement, there truly is no other academy that can provide such an opportunity to thriving young talent striving to develop their gifts.

As a result, students and teachers thrive here at London MADA and our success stories prove as testimony of our ongoing commitment to the world of music and the arts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our students the opportunity to explore the world of music and the arts allowing them to unlock newfound ways of creativity and expression. A large part of mental health revolves around the ability to express oneself and music has throughout time proven to be an extremely powerful tool to unlocking our thoughts and feelings. Many are often deprived of musical education for a large variety of reasons so here at London MADA, we provide many opportunities to help reach the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

We implement confidence building activities and skills that allow our students to install a stronger belief system allowing them to not only tackle the difficulties in musical education but to also apply these core principles in other areas of their life.

We understand that the discipline, consistency and mindset required to develop a new skill such as learning to play Indian flute, will undoubtedly provide key opportunities to empower and inspire our students to greatness.

Using our network within the performing arts world, along with our affiliations within music industry and corporate bodies, we aspire to provide multiple career and employment opportunities. Bridging the gap between education and employment is vital to long term progress, implementation and developing an economic advantage for our students.

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