Music Theory

Music theory is a key element of becoming an accomplished musician. Having maintained a 100% success rate for many years, London MADA believes that students deserve not only to have fun and learn music and the arts, but to also become experts in the field. This is why we highly encourage that our students pursue both practical and theory routes. It is actually impossible to progress to the highest grade without undertaking a music theory course.

Music theory is an additional exam that students will take when sitting their practical exams with the Royal School of Music. Not only does is provide extra OCF credits, but also helps to solidify information learnt in practical lessons. For more information on the benefits of music theory, please visit

Although completely optional in the earlier stages of music, we highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity, as theory exams will be compulsory for progression in piano/violin and when introduced early, allows the student to better grasp the key concepts of music and prepare them for the musical journey ahead.

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